South Africa… You stole my Apple and therefore I am signing out temporarily!

Well, South Africa didn’t steal my Apples, some idiot with a clever gadget stole my Apples. This idiot thinks that stealing my Apples means that I will stop loving this country, but he is heavily mistaken.  You must be wondering whether I’ve been smoking something quite potent, alas I wish I was, but no. Well, at this point you must think I am insane, but I’m not, I’m simply angry. Why?

I am angry because last week my Macbook, iPad, DSLR camera and Raquel’s netbook were stolen from my car while in Pretoria. I will not go into too much detail on why I was carrying all this equipment with me, but there was a reason I had all this with me as I wouldn’t carry so much with me on trip to the city.

All gone now...

All gone now…

I will also not go into a rant about how South Africa is a (pardon my French) shit place to live because of all the criminals out there, crime etc. because what happened to me could have happened in any dodgy neighbourhood in London, Portugal and in any of the other countries I have worked in. It sucks that it happened here, but it was bad luck and some nifty criminal.

In light of losing two of the biggest tools I used on this blogs (I’m using a borrowed Laptop) I am temporarily suspending my blogging activities until I have equipment I can use permanently for the blog. So please don’t think I have died, given up on blogging or anything of the sort, simply check in every now and then to see I’m back.

PS To those of you who have cars, make sure than when press the lock button on your keys the doors actually lock, as I have been warned by the police that some criminals have a little device that blocks the signal and leave the car open and vulnerable to robbery.

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5 Responses to South Africa… You stole my Apple and therefore I am signing out temporarily!

  1. Jay says:

    Sorry to hear about this!

  2. Sandylashxx says:

    I’m so sorry couz! 😦 and I feel so bad for Raquel. So many pictured memories were in those devices.

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