When one door closes, another one opens… When the cliche is actually true…

You know when things don’t go as planned and people try and cheer you up by saying “When one door closes, another one opens” and you think to yourself, yeah right. Well it is what I thought when I got a rejection from the first job I interviewed for here in South Africa. When I got the phone call telling me that unfortunately I was not accepted, I felt dejected especially because I thought it would be a great place to work and that I was perfect for the job.

After that rejection I went to another three interviews which also ended up in rejections, none of which was hard to take as two were for positions that weren’t really for me and the other, well, simply paid much lower than what I was expecting. All of this took place is at the end of January. I was expecting February to be busy as well, but to my disappointment, I had no further interviews.

I was starting to worry whether leaving my very secure job was a good idea after considering that very little had happened on the job front in the four months since moving back to South Africa. I don’t always panic too often, but I have to be honest, I was getting really unsettled and did not know what else to do, as I kept sending out CV’s, phoning recruiters.

Almost a full month after my last interview, Raquel and I were in Johannesburg to deal with her work permit application (which is another drama in itself, which will receive a rant post as well), when I got a call from the HR person in the first company I interviewed with in Johannesburg, saying that another vacancy had just opened and that the hiring manager would like to talk to me over the phone.

To cut a long story short, I went in for two interviews and in the same week as my final interview I got the phone call I had been waiting since arriving in South Africa, with an offer of employment. For me, it was a great feeling to know that initial interview and rejection was not in vain. That door closed, but it ended up opening up again.

Sometimes hard work does pay off and it’s just a question of waiting out the storm until something good comes along.

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