Photo of the Week: An Office with a view!

I’ve never really had an office with a view in any of the countries I’ve worked in, though the views from where I lived were definitely not bad as you can see here, here, here, here and here, but still my work place views were nothing to write home about. In London, I was bang in the middle of city with views of the backs of buildings; In Abu Dhabi, it was all construction sites and sand; In Tripoli, it was an airport, a construction site and more sand; In Mozambique, a port  and trains; Finally in Guinea, more backs of the building.  However, my luck has changed here in South Africa, because the view I have now is a lush golf course, which has the benefit of some great sunsets… I like my office!

Now that's an office view!

Now that’s an office view!

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3 Responses to Photo of the Week: An Office with a view!

  1. Rose says:

    Where is your office? Wow that is awesome, makes me miss South Africa so much more! Staring out the window at the rain at the moment, but luckily wfh today so I can see my beautiful green garden instead of grey buildings.

  2. 2summers says:

    Nice! Hey, are you guys discovering any cool places in your ‘hood? I’m researching that area right now…We should meet up for coffee or lunch or something.

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