Photo of the Week: Perspective is what we need!

One of the great things of travelling and living abroad for a number of years is that you gain a certain amount of perspective. I came back to South Africa with an open mind to forget some of the prejudices that I grew up with, and I think I’ve been able to do that quite well. However since coming back, I hear people complaining about the state of South Africa and how bad it is etc. When we were in Graskop during our long weekend trip we ended sitting close to a young German couple travelling in South Africa, who in turn were sitting next to an elderly South African couple. For the about 30 minutes the couple spout out the same nonsense you hear white South Africans spout along the lines of; “there is no government here”,”it was better before” etc. I sat there ashamed of seeing tourists having to put up with this nonsense and wondered if these people would think the same had they lived in other countries in Africa where things are far worse than in South Africa. I decided to post this photo of Conakry, the capital of Guinea, for a little bit of perspective.

Is this comparable to Joburg?

Is this comparable to Joburg?

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One Response to Photo of the Week: Perspective is what we need!

  1. Your post reminded me of what happens over here. In Ireland – every time I met a South African person all they would do is complain about South Africa and run it down, I ended up distancing myself from MOST South Africans as South Africa will always be my Number 1 country.
    I find a lot of times that South Africans have to make excuses for why they left and they do this by running the country down, which is so unfair. Sometimes I am embarrassed to say I am South African because of how negative a lot of them are towards our country, but I will always be patriotic and encourage people to go and visit for themselves.
    I think South Africans like a lot of people in the world just need something to complain about, in Ireland people complain about the weather, when it rains, when it snows and then when the sun shines they say it’s too hot … lol always something wrong! You will never be able to change people; they need something to complain about.

Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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