Long Road to Ruin(s) – Guatemala Part 4

Mayan Ruins of Tikal: After seeing these on a series of Survivor, I just needed to see them for myself!

Travelling Tonito's Adventures

7 May – Lanquin to Tikal

5 am. Ti-riiii-riii-riii! Ti-riiii-riii-riii! I hate that noise! I really do! Stupid alarm clock! Another early wake up call. If there’s one thing the Guat Squad learnt about me on this trip is that I’m not a morning person and I consider sleep a sacred ritual that should not, under no circumstances, be messed with. But we got up, against our will. We got ready and packed our things and made our way to Coban to have breakfast. McMuffin  is not a breakfast. Its poison. But we had no other options. With ‘breakfast’ had we asked for directions to head to Tikal and this time we listened carefully. We didn’t need to get lost again. Again. We really never got the hang of this directions thing. It would be recurring theme for us on this trip.

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