Bucket Listing Joburg for the resident tourist

One of the great things about living in Joburg for Raquel and I is the fact that the city is new to us; uncharted territory which we want to explore and learn more about, in order to become part of this city. We want to become local, but we also want to be tourists in our own city, because sometimes familiarity breeds contempt and we don’t want that to happen. We want to be kept on our toes and be surprised at what this city can offer.

Since moving to the city, we have already done a few things which weren’t specific to Joburg, but cool nonetheless, such as watching Eddie Izzard live (He’s one of my favourite comedians); watching Swan Lake (both of us enjoy a bit of ballet). Though a couple of weekends ago we did two things on our Joburg Bucket List: The Hop on-Hop off bus tour and the going to the top of the Carlton Tower (which I’ve blogged about already).

I thought I’d share our Joburg Bucket List and challenge other Joburgers to make their own. To those seasoned Joburg explorers, who have done all of these things, I ask that you help us make our list longer by suggesting other cool things to do in the city!

Tonito and Raquel’s Joburg Bucket List

Neighbourgoods Market

We’ve been to Arts on Main a couple of times, but never end up going to Neighbourgoods as it falls on Saturdays, which end up being our errand day and means we don’t always get time head to Braamfontein before 3pm.

Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

Joburg Walking Tour

Raquel and I are really interested in doing a walking tour of different parts of the city. We heard about one tour which takes you around an Ethiopian quarter somewhere which sounds very interesting. If anyone has information about walking tours, just let me know. (I only know about Gerald Garner’s tours).

Go Mosque Hunting

I love Mosque architecture with its domes, minarets and calligraphy. and have seen two mosques in Joburg which I want to visit (one in Midrand and the other along the M1 towards the city). If anyone knows whether one can visit and photograph these mosques or of any other interesting Mosques, leave a comment with details.

Nizamiye Mosque

Nizamiye Mosque

Lilliesleaf Museum

After our friend Liz from This Kentucky Girl went there and wrote a post about her visit, Raquel and I have been very curious about this museum and definitely want to make an effort to see it, furthermore considering it’s only a 10 minute drive away, I think we should definitely make the effort!

Go to Soweto

I am extremely curious about Soweto and have been for a while now. I mean how many suburbs can boast two Nobel peace prize winners? Raquel went to Soweto for work the other day and she said it was one of the most vibrant places she’s been to in South Africa!


Constitution Hill

This was one of the last stops on the hop on-hop off bus and it seemed like such an interesting place to visit. Will definitely make it out there one day soon!

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill

Do a night time photo walk

I love night time photography, especially when it comes to photographing cities at night. I’ve seen this being done in London and in Joburg and the results are something which always amaze me. If anyone has done one of these in Joburg and can give me details on joining one of these, just leave me a comment.

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10 Responses to Bucket Listing Joburg for the resident tourist

  1. Timone says:

    When I was at school studying Biblical Studies, we did a trip to the Synagogue in Rosettenville and to the Mosk in Fordsburg near the Oriental Plaza and as with most countries you should be able to take photographs unless they have a sign saying No photographs. The one in Robertsham along the M1 is newer than the Fordsburg one, I think the one in Fordsburg has the most history as it was probably the first mosk in Jo’burg.

    • Tonito says:

      I’m going to check these places out! Thanks for the tips as when I was writing this post I thought about other places place of worship as well.

  2. Timone says:

    If you haven’t been to the Jo’burg Zoo it really is worth a trip and they do a night tour as well, where they show you all the nocturnal animals – which mostly you would not see during the day!

  3. 2summers says:

    Hi Tony, I have done all of these things (except for the mosque, which is on my list too!) and would be happy to advise you. All the details are in my blog.

    For the Ethiopian Quarter tour, check out Gerald at Joburg Places (www.joburgplaces.com) and Ishvara at Ancient Secrets (http://www.facebook.com/groups/ancientsecretsgroup/). Both Gerald and Ishvara do great tours of that area. (Gerald’s tour includes the Fashion Quarter too.)

  4. I like the idea of being a tourist in your own city, and having a ‘Joburg Bucket List’ – it’s also true that familiarity breeds contempt 🙂 The Mosque idea is great – maybe even expand on that and focus on a bunch or different places of worship; could be fascinating. I haven’t been on any walking tours – I have mixed feelings about those, as I feel that it’s better to do some self-discovery of Jozi’s streets. Thanks for the post – it’s given me some exploratory ideas 😉

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks for the comment! With regards to the Mosque I had actually already thought about trying to open that up to places of worship in general! My focus would be that Mosque though! 🙂

  5. Timone says:

    Hi Tony, I found this information a while ago and can’t remember where I found it so forgive me if it is old:

    The Johannesburg Zoo based in Parktown, is over 100 years old, and houses the only two polar bears in Africa – Geebee (who came from Canada) and Wang (who came from Japan).

    Hopefully those polar bears are still around. 🙂 Have fund re-discovering Jo’burg, it’s amazing how sometimes things are so different to how you remember them.

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