The Cape’s Wine Route a la Mother Nature

Cape Town and its surrounding areas has so much to offer tourists that one weekend is just not enough to fit it all in. On our first trip to the mother city for our wedding anniversary, we had two days to start our initial exploration of the area, but it was our wedding anniversary after all, so we didn’t really exert ourselves, and stuck mainly to the Cape Town, Cape Point and Simons Town.

There was going to be a public holiday two weeks after our first trip to Cape Town, however the exorbitant air fares had us give up on the idea to travel there again. However it seems like lady fortune had some different ideas: Raquel had to travel to Durban for work, but on arrival at the airport she discovered that South African airways had made a mess of her reservation and as an apologetic gesture, they offered her a free return flight to any city in South Africa. I also had some air miles on South African Airways and cash them in and only ended up paying 30% of what a flight on that weekend would cost me.

That moment of good fortune mean that Raquel and I had another opportunity to visit the mother city and we immediately decided that we would spend a day wine tasting along the Cape’s famous Wine Routes.

It is at this point that good fortune makes a swift departure from this post and it is replaced by stupidity and well a little bit of luck. The morning following our late night arrival in Cape Town, the weather seemed fine and despite being cloudy, the forecast for the weekend indicated that it would be the best day to travel and explore the wine route.

After breakfast we got into our little rental and started our drive towards Stellenbosch, but we weren’t even 10 minutes on the road when skies opened up and rain started pouring down. If it was a quick shower storm it would have been okay, but unfortunately it rained for the remainder of the morning, which made wine tasting and exploring the wineries pretty hard.

The grounds at Vergelegen

The grounds at Vergelegen

It was already past lunch when we headed towards winery we had read about, Vergelegen. We decided to go in and the moment we parked the car the rain stopped and the clouds opened up. Our exploration of the winery started with some wine tasting. As Raquel likes red wines and I prefer white, we tried four glasses of each.

Faking being a wine connoisseur

Faking being a wine connoisseur

Our lack of wine knowledge didn’t stop us from enjoying some fantastic wines and spent a good while really savouring each of the wines on offer to us.

The great gardens on the winery

The great gardens on the winery

After sampling those divine wines and we set off exploring the grounds. Both Raquel and I love cape Dutch architecture so exploring the quaint Cape Dutch houses and out buildings. The houses on their own were worth a visit already, but the immaculate gardens on the winery was simply exquisite and having rained earlier in the day, the grounds had that amazing smell of nature which I can’t really put into words.

The fine example of Cape Dutch architecture

The fine example of Cape Dutch architecture


Having spend a good two hours exploring the grounds we got ready to leave to explore another wine farm and then head to Franschhoek, but the weather turned again and it rained for the rest of the day leaving our wine route day cut short and we decided to head back towards Cape Town.

Despite the weather not playing along, the only farm we visited was top notch and we really enjoyed the amazing setting while the weather allowed it.

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