Travelling Tonito’s Adventures turns 4!

It seems hard to believe, but today this blog has been online for four years now. I look back at when I started this blog and always find it funny that the ‘desire’ to start was borne out of laziness; I wanted to keep people informed on life in Libya without having to write numerous emails. It was this accidental beginning that created my online alter ego, Travelling Tonito who shared his experiences about living in Libya, a former pariah state turn good guy.

From this humble beginning this blog turned into something more than just sharing my Libyan experience with online community. It turned into an extension of me, my diary, my memories, online for all to see. When things in Libya went haywire and I could not return, this blog officially become an expat and travel journal written from and about Libya, Mozambique and Guinea with travels covering the UAE, Guatemala, Peru, Ireland, UK, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Norway, Portugal and others.

The blog also took on a therapeutic role as it was one of the only places where I could vent frustrations on living in some complicated places; the difficulties of expat life; and the problems of long distance relationships. In some ways the blog was a companion while I was away from my loved ones and because they were not there after work, I could dedicate a lot of time to it, even though I was working.

That was while I was an expat, as expat life in the harsher countries can in no way be comparable to normal life. Since moving back to South Africa, I have blogged significantly less, not because I don’t have interesting things to share, but due to a combination of factors such as our intensive job hunting at the start of 2013, moving and starting a new life in an unknown city, starting new jobs and proving our worth to new employers (I will write a separate post about my lack activity).

However, the lack of activity has not meant I’ve lost my fervour for blogging. I still enjoy blogging and have made blogging more actively in 2014 one of my many goals for 2014. I have a massive list of blog posts I need to write and finish but that will not mean I will return my normal blogging levels of pre-South Africa, that will take time as this year there will be other changes a foot which will also consume much of our time.

As I said before, this blog is my alter ego and even though I’m not much of an international traveler anymore, these travelling itchy feet have not been discarded, they’ve just retained a more local flavor as our travelling is now done in one country.

Nancy Sinatra sang “These boot are made for walking…”, Travelling Tonito says “These boots are made for exploring!”, so worry not friends, readers and random strangers who find this blog (By searching for prostitutes in Siem Reap… Long Story…) Travelling Tonito lives on!

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