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Language Fail – Episode 6: The time I was addressed by my price…

Translating can be a difficult task especially when you have no training in the skill and I found that out the hard while working for my previous company when asked to translate meetings for non-English speakers. Advertisements

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An Idiots guide to Brazilian English Translations – Part 1

I have a category on blog called language fails where write posts about funny language related episodes I’ve been a part of or come across, however there has been a particular series I’ve wanted to write about  for some time … Continue reading

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Sometimes being the nice guy is going to get you out of trouble!

I consider myself a nice guy (who occasionally can be an idiot) but we all know what happens to nice guys… We finish last and don’t get the girl. However a couple of weeks ago I had some proof that … Continue reading

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An RSVP to remember…

This will be a short post because I simply want to share what has been the funniest RSVP I’ve received to my wedding, sent by a good friend of mine who has moments of pure comedy genius like this: “To … Continue reading

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The time my girlfriend thought I was her Gay Best Friend

I am usually the person who plays pranks on people, albeit phone pranks due to my array of accents. On the other hand, I’m rarely pranked on and I’m not sure why. I know I’m not very gullible, but still … Continue reading

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The time a tourist responded to my “Do you need help?” with “Sh*t!”

I like accents. I fell in love with accents the first time I flew to London when I was 10 and the airhostess came up to me and said “Tay or coffay?” (Tea or coffee). From that day onwards I … Continue reading

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