Travelling Tonito’s Tales

This section of the blog is divided into a few parts. The first is dedicated to some of the longer trips I’ve done since starting this blog. The second is stories of some cool people I’ve met and re-met and gone on trips with. The third is some retrospective posts about things on my travels and trips before I started this blog. The final part is dedicated to my to travel while living in Libya.

The Ghosts of Travels present

This section is on longer trips I’ve actually blogged about. Click on each link to find out more:

When Travelling Tonito went to Guatemala

When Travelling Tonito went to Peru

When Travelling Tonito went to Portugal

When Travelling Tonito went to Norway

A Series of Fortunate Meetings

My nomadic lifestyle has allowed me some cool experiences where I have been able to make new friends in different places but aslo it has allowed me the good fortune re-meet them, as it were, in different locations. This page is dedicated  to these sometimes coincidental, sometimes planned, sometimes lucky moments.

Before a lot friends start wondering why they aren’t on this page, I’ll clarify. Only friends I’ve met in three or more countries get a mention here, otherwise there would be too many stories to tell.

When Travelling Tonito met Sensationally Smelling Sam

When Travelling Tonito met Adventurepants Leo

When Travelling Tonito met Meandering Maira

The Ghosts of Travels past

Blogging has not only become an important coping mechanism for me here in Libya but it has also becoming a great way to share some of the stories I’ve been gathering on my travels and my expat life. So I’m going to start doing some retrospective blogging to by posting some funny stories from my pre-blog era. Enjoy!

The wandering wallet: Never underestimate the power of Inshallah in Abu Dhabi

The Last King of Scotland in Oman: Never assume a kilt wearing Scot in Muscat is insane

The Great Turkish Watermelon Robbery: Never assume an old gypsy woman won’t steal your watermelon in Istanbul

The Failed Greek Experiment: Never speak a language you don’t know, with the conviction of a fluent speaker.

The Nicest Taxi Drivers in the World (Part 1): Never assume a Taxi Driver only wants to get you from point A to B in Oman

The Nicest Taxi Drivers in the World (Part 2): Never Assume a Taxi Driver is Always Going to Rip You Off In Oman

The Nicest Taxi Drivers in the World (Part 3): Never Assume a Taxi Driver’s Animated Directions Aren’t Correct at the Omani Border

The Bickering Bedouins: Never assume brothers are willing to share prostitutes in the Emirates

The Ultimate Taxi Story: Never Assume That Abu Dhabi isn’t Serendipitous

The one where I almost bought sex: Never follow someone in a market just because they said so!

A very affectionate mugging: Never assume muggers in London aren´t nice people

Tonito’s Travels in Libya (click link to open page)


Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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