When Travelling Tonito met Adventurepants Leo

May 2008. Istanbul. Location? Bahaus Hostel dorm. A weary traveler walks into the dorm and wakes Tonito from his deep slumber. No hostel etiquette some of these travelers, Tonito thought, even though it was lunch time. They introduce themselves to each other in keeping with above mentioned etiquette. They have lunch. They talk about their adventures. Tonito invites Adventurepants and other hostellers to a nearby Gypsy Festival. They Drink. They wear tambourines as hats. They dance. They become friends.  Soon the fun and games are over. Tonito heads back to London. Adventure Pants heads back to Djibouti where he works.

Adventurepants, Tonito and fellow traveller at the Gypsy Festival in Istanbul

October 2008. Tonito goes to Abu Dhabi on holiday and visit a friend. As fate has it, Adventurepants now works in Abu Dhabi.  Tonito and Adventure Pants meet again. They smoke shisha. Adventure Pants introduces Tonito to people in his company and gets him an interview. Tonito is interviewed. Friendship strengthens based two activities, smoking shisha and Adventure Pants’ necessity to find ‘good photos’ by dragging Tonito into dodgy looking parts of town. Tonito returns to London. Adventure Pants stays only to return to the US (from where he hails) two months later.

Adventurepants and Tonito resting and having shisha on a dodgy part of town walk

February 2009. Tonito is now living and working in Abu Dhabi. Adventure Pants is on route to Thailand to start a new adventure. He stops in Abu Dhabi. Adventure Pants laughs at Tonito’s driving. They visit more dodgy parts of Dubai. They smoke more shisha. Adventure Pants departs to Thailand. Tonito remains in Abu Dhabi.

Adventurepants and Tonito at resort in the middle of the desert after being lost with no gas for around 2 hours

May 2009. Tonito travels to Bangkok to visit Sensationally Smelling Sam. They are joined by Adventure Pants. They dance. They sing. They drink. Inebriated Tonito speaks to Outrageous Olivia (Adventure Pants’ other half) on the phone. Tonito cannot remember the conversation. It will remain a secret. Tonito exacts revenge on Adventure Pants (for dodgy part of town photo walks) by deciding to cross roads at the least opportune moments, scaring the film out Adventure Pants’ camera. Tonito returns to Abu Dhabi. Adventure Pants goes back South.

Adventurepants, Sensationaly Smelling Sam and Tonito partying Bangkok style with buckets and all

January 2010. Tonito and Adventure Pants come close to working together in Libya. Fate doesn’t play along this time.  Adventure Pants moves to Dominican Republic instead. However Adventure Pants and Tonito have vowed to merge the Adventure Pants Chronicles and Travelling Tonito’s Adventures in the not too distant future.


May 2010. Guatemala. Tonito and Adventure Pants met again. This time it’s a planned meeting. They are joined by friends. Adventure Pants gets injured hiking a volcano. Tonito gets his foot sacrificed. But to numb the pain, they smoke shisha. At the end of the adventure, Tonito returns to Libya and Adventure Pants to Dominican Republic.

Traipsing around Mayan Ruins with friends in Guatemala

October 2010. Miami. Tonito is en route to Peru and spends a few days in Miami. Adventure Pants surprises Tonito by coming to Miami without his knowledge (sort of). They smoke shisha, They attend a tailgating party. Tonito moves on to Peru while Adventure Pants goes back to Dominican Republic.

Tailgating and Promoting Un Techo in Miami

April 2011. Lisbon. Tonito is on holiday in Portugal with his other half, Adventure Pants is in Europe for a change of scenery. They have mini-reunions with former colleagues. They are given guided tours of Sintra by Tonito’s other half and while she talks, they photograph! At the end Tonito goes back to London en route to Mozambique while Adventure Pants returns Dominican Republic.

Exploring strange castles in Sintra

Future adventure are sure to be on the horizon…


Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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