When Travelling Tonito met Meandering Maira

London. September 2006. Location? A classroom in UCL’s Development Planning Unit building. Two strangers sit next to each other unaware of the bond that will form between them. The bond based not on an item, but on personality. Meandering Maira’s  innate ability to attract mockery and laughter. Tonito mocks Maira. Maira fights back. This blossoms into a strange friendship.

Tonito, Meandering Maira and Sensationally Smelling Sam in London

May 2008. Meandering Maira and Tonito make holiday plans separately. Their respective destinations? Berlin. They meet in Berlin. They are joined and hosted by Serene Rosa, another DPU product. The mockery between the two continues at various tourist spots in the city, while Serene Rosa patiently looks on. They mock. They take pictures. They share the silence of being at the holocaust memorial. They enjoy the German capital. Their time there comes to an end. Tonito and Maira head back to London.

Tonito and Meandering Maira in Berlin

October 2008. Meandering Maira moves to Dubai. Tonito accepts a job in Abu Dhabi. Their destinies seem to be aligned. Meandering Maira gets accustomed to life in Dubai while she awaits the arrival of her fierce mocker but loyal friend.

January 2009. Tonito moves to Abu Dhabi. They meet once again. The mockery between the two continue, yet the friendship grows. A common affinity is found between the two. Shisha. They mock. They smoke. They laugh. Meandering Maira meets Adventure Pants Leo who is en route to Thailand. They all get lost whilst searching for the perfect shisha.


May 2009. Tonito organizes a camping trip to Oman. Meandering Maira and Tonito are joined by Umer. Meandering Maira sleeps through most of the trip whilst Tonito and Umer have fun. Meandering Maira attempts to poison the two males with Schmores (the snack of Satan!)

Roadtripping to Oman

The remainder of the year sees Meandering Maira meet some of Tonito’s other friends. A group takes shape. A group whose sole mission is to mock each other and especially Meandering Maira. Mockery intertwined by copious amounts of shisha smoking becomes the bedrock of a solid group.

December 2009. Tragedy strikes. Tonito accepts a move to Libya. Meandering Maira is distraught. Not due to Tonito’s imminent departure but due to the fact she has to defend herself against Umer’s verbal diahorea.


3 Responses to When Travelling Tonito met Meandering Maira

  1. Maira says:

    hahahaha!!!! loveddd it!!!! I love you too Tonito! and our destinities better meet soon! havent had a good sheesha in a long time! miss you buddy xx 🙂

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