When Travelling Tonito went to Guatemala

The Guat Squads trajectory

It started as a simple idea between myself and Adventure Pants Leo and soon developed into a group trip. Five people from five different locations came together with no plan, only a desire to explore and have fun. The cast in this silly adventure:

  • Portuguese South African Tonito flying in from Tripoli, Libya
  • Brazilian American Leo flying in from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Spanish Cuban American Olivia flying from Miami, USA
  • Cuban American Drew flying in  from Washington DC, USA
  • Portuguese South African Jacqui flying in from Lisbon, Portugal

Together we became the Guat Squad, some of us meeting for the first time, and ended up having a great trip, with some lows, some highs, some blood, some sweat and above all a lot of laughs. Read more by clicking on the links below

Learn to Fly (or quickly transfer connecting passengers) – Guatemala Part 1

Gimme Stiches (or some decent car insurance) – Guatemala Part 2

Aint it the life (smoking a shisha by the river) – Guatemala Part 3

Long Road to Ruin(s) – Guatemala Part 4

Times like these (when GPS is handy) – Guatemala Part 5

Best of you (that’s what you showed us Guatemala) – Guatemala Thank you


Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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