When Travelling Tonito went to Norway

Our route in Norway

The trip was born out of desire to see the Northern Lights and we made a proper holiday around it. Our first real winter experience in snowy landscapes was worth every expensive penny. From the great voyages we took by train and ferry; to the quaint and pretty cities of the Norwegian coast. Not forgetting the bucketlist worthy Northern Lights. To find out more about the read the posts below:

The voyage to Norway: An idea, a plane, a train, a ferry and whole lot of snow!

The time I spent my birthday on the most scenic train ride in the World – Oslo to Bergen

Bergen: A Harry Potter set or a pretty Norwegian city… You tell me!

Our failed chase of the Northern Lights with the Hurtigruten Ferry

“We don’t care you are tourists; We’re shut for New Years” – The abandoned towns on the Hurtigruten trail

The time I spent New Years docked at the Codfish capital of Norway

Aurora! Now that’s what I call a Borealis – Watching the dance of the Northern Lights in Tromso

Tromso: The most northern everything in Europe (Apparently)

One fine day in Oslo

Norway… The Epilogue


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