When Travelling Tonito went to Peru

Finding my around Peru

It was a lifelong dream born from reading a book and finally realised 15 years  later. A trip that started as a solo mission to reach Machu Picchu, which almost turned a mini reunion with friends from university and eventually turned into a solo journey of quasi self discovery with a pit stop in Miami to reunite with the Guat Squad.

In Miami, I was reunited with two members of the Guat Squad and together we relived some good memories from the past. Adventure Pants Leo came in from Dominican Republic to make it FIVE countries and three continents we’ve met in. To read more about the Miami pit stop, click on the links below:

Meet me at the Equinox (On Miami Beach) – Miami Part 1

I don’t want to play football (I want to tailgate instead)! – Miami Part 2

In Peru, I realised the importance of having multiple sources of money; That Australians really are the human equivalent of sand, as you find them everywhere but most importantly I realised I like travelling on my own. To read more about the trip:

The Amazing Race (to buy a ticket to Puerto Maldonado!) – Peru Part 1

How to make friends (by saying something inappropriate) – Peru Part 2

You Know where you are in the Amazon, when you are woken by howler monkeys – Peru Part 3

Cusco, You take my breathe away (Seriously, I can’t breath!) – Peru Part 4

Up and Down the hills of Cusco – Peru Part 5

How do you make a trip to the Sacred Valley fun? Put two students with stolen identities on the tour bus! – Peru Part 6

In Limbo in Aguas Caliente – Peru Part 7

Climbing up a bloody big hill, just to see Machu Picchu! – Peru Part 8

Hello Arequipa! (I can’t feel my legs!) – Peru Part 9

Chivay… Where tourists go to die! – Peru Part 10

From the Colca Canyon to Lima bidding farewell to another great country – Peru Part 11

Peru (and Miami) – The Epilogue


Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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