When Travelling Tonito went to Portugal

Exploring the other motherland

I´ve written about my  Portuguese heritage a couple of times but failed to say that the heritage is Madeiran and not continental Portuguese, and because of this little detail, I knew very little of the country. I´d been to Lisbon three times, but only to watch football games. As life and luck would have it, I fell in love with a Portuguese girl and with that my chances of seeing the country of my heritage and her birth increased exponentially. Fortunately for me Raquel was going to spend Easter with her family and as I was in London, I would join her, but only because she promised to show me around the country.

It´s safe to say that after my 10 days there, I fell in love with the country. The country has so much to see and do that 10 days is not necessarily enough. To see what I saw and did in Portugal click on the links below:

Ribatejo: Where bulls hunt men and the horse is king

Porto: Where wine becomes your best friend!

Sintra: Where castles are more schizophrenic than their owners

Lisbon: City of discoveries and one picketpocket


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